The Day of Princesses


The day of the falling princesses
everyone felt the beginnings
of the rumble. Though they came
from the sky, most were sure that
the earth shook.
They were relentless- looked
like white tulips, but wielded
swords, mercenaries of undying strength,
underneath tiaras, debris, sludge, and broken
walls. Dirty tiaras pierced the empty sky.
The rumor went these
girls were a vengeful God, reaching
a long forgotten place with fair
faces to seduce us with suffering.
Still, we live in bliss
looking at their lying eyes. Rumor
had it they watched themselves
obliterate us.


small details


      languid and far away

these whispers fail

      they hail

                                 my brother

                                         my mother

jumping over time tricks, lost and wild

     whispers lose against space


from another shot

      bleeds a teleological body,

garishly sifting through the means until

      it collides with




      in the beginning all I wanted

was to know how the

      world on a




      but what happens

when my two working fingers,

      like vipera, are unable

               to comb for

               the small



      to dig for

mine… mine…